Free Activity Worksheets

Amanda Schutz, original illustrator of Rutherford the Time-Travelling Moose, has once again teamed up with the FoRHS to bring you a free set of activity sheets! After reading your child (or class) the book, continue to strengthen their bond with Edmonton history with these fun and historical worksheets, downloadable as a package or individually below.


Full Booklet

Download all Rutherford the Time Travelling Moose activity worksheets in one handy package!

River canoe maze

"It's a fun canoe ride along the North Saskatchewan river with lots of twists and turns! When you arrive at the finish line, colour in the river valley with spring, summer, fall or winter colours."


fun facts about rutherford house

"Mr. Rutherford purchased land on the south side of the North Saskatchewan river to build a beautiful home for his family. The features the house had in that time that most houses did not have. Solve the riddles to see what kind of features the house had!"


Fill your own canoe!

"Explorers and traders came here long ago to trade for furs with the people who live here. Fill your own canoe with drawings of items you would trade with the First People!"


Fort edmonton word puzzle!

"By 1846, Fort Edmonton was the most important Hudson's Bay Company post in Western Canada. Fill in the word blanks to discover all the amazing goods traded at the fort!"


Facts About John Walter

"What colour was John Walter's third home, pictured here, built in 1901? Colour in the correct colours!"



"John Walter became a millionaire from the many businesses he grew in the community of Walterdale! Fill in the crossword puzzle to discover all the different types of work he was involved with."


famous five word search!

"Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Nellie McClung marched together to change the status of women to 'persons' in Canada. They are called the Famous Five, find their names in the word search!"


connect the dot to rutherford!

"Robin needs to get to Rutherford House for cookies and tea! Connect the dots to complete Rutherford the Time Travelling Moose, so he can take her there."


what can you find at RUTHERFORD house?

"All the characters are having a party at Rutherford House! Look at the picture closely to see what you can find and colour them in as you go."


the place you call home

"Rutherford the Time-Travelling Moose is all about the awesome history of Edmonton, home to Grandma, Robin and Rutherford. What does your home look like? Who lives there? What do you love about your home? Draw a picture that tells the story of your home!"