FORHS works in cooperation with Alberta Culture at Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site

The Friends of Rutherford House Society is a key player in the historical community offering volunteer opportunities, heritage research, educational opportunities, enhanced facility access, and stellar visitor services within the heritage gem of Edmonton. It operates the Private Bookings within the historic site and host various events, both of which allow the public to enjoy heritage in a very unique and intimate way.

Over the Friend of Rutherford House's long history of not-for-profit, heritage-based work, it has contributed in many ways to the preservation and operation of Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site. The restoration of the Delta Upsilon board room and exhibit area, the restoration of the maid’s quarters, the publication of several books, the purchase of items in the house, and financial support for the restoration of the Chancellor’s garden are all ways in which the Society has fulfilled its mandate and served the heritage community.

Alberta Culture is responsible for all programming and interpretation. Entertaining, well-researched and informative tours and programs are available (go to their website for details or call the museum staff at 780-427-3995).